Always script what you don't want to repeat!


Always script what you don't want to repeat!

Not updated anymore

I’ve published these tools in the past, but don’t maintain them anymore. Let me know if you have any questions.

Caution: Use at your own risk!

Sleuthkit / Autopsy Searchtools

My Searchtools addition for Sleuthkit.


PHP Startpage is a PHP based startpage, using a MySql database as a backend for storing the links, categories, relations between them and the click-count of the links. The layout is configurable and can be modified using a Cascading StyleSheet (CSS).


The startpage has the following features:

  • Categories are smart sorted on showing the page. Categories with the most popular links are located most to the top.
  • Links within categories are sorted on popularity.
  • Possibility to group child categories with their parent categories, thus combining related categories, but still keeping them seperate.
  • Very configurable


You can download version 2.0.1 and version 1.1.